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2016-05-13 14:05:19
Tips for Relaxing During a Move to San Diego

By Amanda Cascadden 

Moving is never fun. When I mentioned that I was moving to a few of my friends recently, I got comments like, “I’ll be sending good thoughts your way,” “I hope it goes smoothly,” and, “Oh, how fun!” (Sarcasm obviously.) Dealing with boxes, packing paper, moving trucks, and bills with the wrong address can be very stressful for your family, work and overall well being, even if you are just moving from Rancho Santa Fe to Carmel Valley. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help combat this crazy time in your life. Here are my tips to help you relax when you’re moving to San Diego, or if you’re moving within San Diego!


Create a moving calendar. The best times for moving are spring and summer, when it is peak buying and selling season, the most attractive homes are available on the market, and you don’t have to worry about switching your kids to new schools mid-year. Assuming you already have picked out your new home, sold the home you’re living in, and hammered out specific dates for move out/move in, the next step is to create a calendar (especially if you have a larger family) so that everyone knows the expectations during the move. Plan to start packing one week before you move, starting with books, magazines and other items that you won’t need for a few weeks, Each day that it gets closer, pack more and more. If you’re already in San Diego and making a local move, make sure to visit calming places such as the San Diego Zoo (http://sandiegolifestyleblog.com/2016/03/san-diego-zoo/) or the Botanic Garden (http://sandiegolifestyleblog.com/2015/07/san-diego-botanic-garden/) between packing to keep your family level headed. If you wait until the last day or two, you’ll end up spending a fortune to hire enough people to pack your entire house quickly, which usually means quality of packing will be lacking. Plan every important “moving event” and put it on the calendar. Important events can be everything from final walk out of the old house, new appliance and furniture delivery to housekeeping services and installations at the new home. Print the calendar and post it somewhere that everyone can see. This will help avoid so much anxiety, and keep important dates in one place.

Plan out your boxes. One morning about a week before we started packing, (two weeks before the official move) my fiancé and I ate breakfast at one of our top ten favorite spots, (http://sandiegolifestyleblog.com/2015/10/top-10-breakfast-spots/) and then walked through the entire house and counted up the boxes that we would need for each room. At first I was annoyed, but when were actually packing, I was grateful. We had everything we needed, and at a much more cost effective price. Don’t forget to include wardrobe boxes, dish packs, and packing paper in your count! The moving companies typically charge a lot more for boxes, especially the more specific ones, so check at stores like Home Depot in Encinitas (http://www.homedepot.com/l/Encinitas/CA/Encinitas/92024/660) before you call the moving companies for boxes!

Call to change your address with service providers, banks, and other billing companies BEFORE you move. Make sure to put this action item on the calendar a few days before the move. This will help a ton when you’re unpacking and don’t want to sit and make phone calls. My fiancé did this with our services and his credit cards, but I left my calls until after the move, and regretted it.

On the day before and day of the move, do whatever it takes to hire packers and movers. No matter how much you think you can pack or move by yourself, think ahead and save a bit of extra money to ensure you will have the help you need the day before, and on moving day. With my last two moves, my fiancé has hired packers and movers, and it has been extremely helpful. We hired Carlsbad Movers for the most recent move and they were great! (http://carlsbadmovers.org/) Each time, I am completely moved in and looking at all of the boxes that need to be unpacked, and wondering how I ever thought I would be able to do it all myself. Having a reliable company come the day before you move, and help you pack your important and hard to pack items (like dishes, paintings and heavy things) is crucial to helping minimize your stress. Having movers to load all of the boxes into the truck (or two trucks in my family’s case) is even more crucial. Packing for 5 or 6 days before, and unpacking all of the boxes is stressful enough. Leave the physical labor, that could be very strenuous on your body, to the professionals and try to only walk around making sure the professionals are packing things correctly. Our movers packed an old glass bottle in fragile bubble wrap, when it really just needed to be thrown in the trash.

A few days after you’re all moved in, take a complete day off, and go to the spa! I recommend Omni La Costa Spa in Carlsbad, (https://www.omnihotels.com/hotels/san-diego-la-costa/wellness) but anywhere in San Diego will work. Make sure it’s a day spa where you can spend the whole day at your own pace relaxing from place to place in the jacuzzi, sauna, pool, etc. Going to the spa too soon after you move will give you more stress about taking time away from moving to go to the spa. However, if you work hard unpacking for three to four days, by the time you go to the spa, it will be well needed, and worth it! Another great massage therapist, if you’re looking for something less time consuming than an entire spa day, is Ruthi Swartzberg. (http://sandiegolifestyleblog.com/2015/09/oasis-day-spa/) She is an incredible masseuse in San Diego and her schedule is quite flexible.

I hope these tips help to make your next move to San Diego a relaxing one. It is always an emotional and stressful process, but with the right steps put in place it can be a fun and exciting time too!


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2016-05-13 14:05:19
Tips for Relaxing During a Move to San Diego

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