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2015-11-23 13:58:31
Everybody Is A Realtor!


“Everybody’s A Realtor!” - by Kathe Lang

Wow, ain’t that the truth! You know, I love selling real estate and when people ask what I do I’m excited to share this fact with them. However, the thing I always hear is “Everyone’s a Realtor.”

I hear it from strangers, family, friends, co-workers nearly everyone I meet. It seems all of us know someone or multiple people who have their real estate license.

Well, let me tell you...all realtors are not the same. Just getting your real estate license does not mean you’re a Realtor nor qualified to assist in selling someone’s most valued possession, their home. Sure the National Association of Realtors gives thousands of licenses every year. Of course they want to collect those fees so there is no limit to how many new licenses are issued.

Everyone also thinks that realtors make tons of money for doing nothing and don’t understand paying a commission for selling a home. Well, let me tell you the difference between a “Realtor” and someone who just holds a real estate license....

A “Realtor” is a member of the NAR (National Association of Realtors) and they are pledged to a code of ethics and standards above and beyond just holding a license. The NAR is one of the largest and most powerful lobbying groups in the country active in promoting laws in the best interest of homeowners.

A “Realtor” works full time and not just at random when a friend or family member suddenly wants to buy or sell and needs someone to write a contract. A professional “Realtor” puts in a tremendous amount of hours, often nights and weekends committed to their career and working on behalf of their clients. This differs from someone who just holds a license and is happy to step in to write a contract for a friend or family member and has never even seen the home involved in the sale.

A “Realtor” is actively engaged in the market spending time every week looking at homes, evaluating prices, actually keeping tabs on what the market is doing with respects to home sales.

A “Realtor” cares, is trustworthy and has high standards. They take pride in finding a dream home for their clients or selling a home at a fair and marketable price. Their motivation comes from bringing all parties together with a smooth and successful closed escrow.

A “Realtor” spends a lot of time networking and attending events, business meetings, charity events, client meetings and time with vendors in order to keep in touch with the community so they personally know people to refer in a real estate transaction who have a good reputation. This includes home stagers, escrow, mortgage, insurance, title, landscapers, contractors and an array of people who come into play during a home sale.

A “Realtor” has numerous skills such as the ability to effectively communicate, market a property, use social media, offer home staging advice, suggest pricing recommendations, use innovative technology, ability to handle large amounts of detailed paperwork and be the calming force in an often stressful situation.

So, the next time you hear “Everybody’s a Realtor” ask yourself, does this person just have a real estate license or are they a Realtor you can trust and respect with your most valued possession...your home?!

you can reach Kathe Lang at, 760 576 6933 , kathe@indra-group.com or www.indra-group.com


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