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The INDRA REAL ESTATE GROUP can help you with all your Real Estate needs.
We helped Traditional home buyers, First Time home buyers, Investors with their Rental Portfolio, Flippers, 2nd Home buyers, Lot buyers, Sellers, and Renters.
We are experienced in Bank owned homes / Foreclosures, investing in Real Estate, Flipping homes, Short Sale Transactions, Rentals and Raw land.

Here a list of all the Transactions from 2009 - present.

1) Darwin, Oceanside, Bank owned, First Time Homebuyer
2) Madera, Vista, Bank owned, Investor Rental Portfolio
3) Candice, Vista, Bank owned, Investor Rental Portfolio
4) Sandy, Vista, Bank owned, Homebuyer
5) Tremont, Oceanside, Bank owned, 2nd home
6) Finley, Escondido, New home, 2nd home
7) Mesa Vista, Oceanside, Bank owned, Investor Rental Portfolio
8) White Pine, Oceanside, Short Sale, First Time Homebuyer
9) Onley, Vista, Bank owned, Investor Flip
10) Vineyard Knoll, Murrieta, Bank owned, First Time Homebuyer
11) Carlson, Vista, Bank owned, First Time Homebuyer
12) Onley, Vista, Investor Flip, List
13) Costa Pacifica, Oceanside, Traditional, 2nd home
14) Santa Rosa, Oceanside, First Time Homebuyer
15) Calle Montecito, Oceanside, First Time Homebuyer
16) Chimney Rock, Oceanside, Investor Flip, List
17) Glen, Carlsbad, New home, Homebuyer
18) Broadway, Escondido, Bank owned, Homebuyer
19) Kings, Vista, Bank owned, Investor Flip
20) Lot, San Marcos, Traditional, Lot buyer
21) Reflection, San Marcos, Bank owned, Relocation Buyer
22) Crestline, Oceanside, Bank owned, Investor Flip
23) Asilado, Oceanside, Bank owned, Homebuyer
24) San Pablo, San Marcos, Bank owned, Investor Flip
25) Green Oak, Vista, Bank owned, First Time Homebuyer
26) Harbor Cliff, Oceanside, Short Sale, Homebuyer
27) Crestline, Oceanside, Investor Flip, List
28) Olive, Vista, Investor Flip, Homebuyer
29) Calle Amanecer, Rancho Santa Fe
30) Lauralynn, Oceanside, Short Sale, First Time Homebuyer
31) Hunsaker, Oceanside, Short Sale List
32) Almond, San Marcos, First Time Homebuyer
33) Santa Rosa, Oceanside
34) Los Alamos, Oceanside, Bank owned, First Time Homebuyer
35) Pell, Del Mar
36) Windsor, Cardiff by the Sea, Bank owned, Investor Flip
37) Picadilly, Carlsbad, Traditional, Home buyer
38) Tolo, Oceanside, Traditional, Relocation Buyer 
39) E Grand, Escondido, Traditional, Investor Rental Portfolio 
40) Cosmo, San Marcos, New Home, Investor Rental Portfolio
41) Laurel, Oceanside, Lot FSBO, Relocation Buyer
42) Nardo, Solana Beach, Trust Sale, Investor Flip 
43) Canyon, Oceanside, Bank owned, Investor Rental Portfolio
44) Delaney, Carlsbad, Short Sale, Relocation Buyer
45) Laurel, Oceanside, Bank owned, Homebuyer
46) Windsor, Cardiff by the Sea, Investor Flip, List
47) Sunset, Vista, First Time Homebuyer, Relocation
48) Larkspur, Carlsbad, Traditional Sale
49) Freeman, Oceanside, Bank Owned, Investor Flip
50) East Cosmo, San Marcos, Investor Rental Portfolio
51) Madera, Vista, Investor Rental Portfolio
52) Thunderbird, La Jolla, Traditional Sale
53) Ocean Ln, Imperial Beach, 2nd Home Buyer, Traditional Sale
54) Freeman, Oceanside, Investor Listing
55) Avenida Suenos, Oceanside, First Time Homebuyer
56) Canyon, Oceanside, Short Sale, Investor Rental Portfolio
57) Augusta Ct, Poway, 2nd Home, International Luxury Buyer
58) Point Sur, Oceanside, Bank owned
59) Bonair Wy, La Jolla, Trust Sale, Investor
60) Halia Ct, Leucadia, New Home, Relocation Buyer
61) Nardo, Solana Beach, Investor Listing
62) Thunderbird, La Jolla, Traditional Sale, Investor
63) Sitio Frontera, Carlsbad, Traditional Seller
64) Canyon, Oceanside, Short Sale, Investor Rental Portfolio
65) Point Sur, Oceanside, Traditional Seller
66) Baxter Canyon, Vista, First Time Home Buyer
67) California, Oceanside, Traditional Sale
68) Irene, Oceanside, International Relocation Buyer
69) Fairy Ave, Big Bear, Investor Rental Portfolio
70) Neptune, Encinitas, International 2nd Home Buyer
71) Mountain View, Fire Mountain, First Time Homebuyer
72) Aliento Way, Oceanside, Bank owned, Investor
73) Vulcan, Encinitas, Traditional Seller
74) Aliento Way, Oceanside, Investor Listing
75) Village Run N, Encinitas, Traditional Seller
76) California, Oceanside, Investor Listing
77) Soledad Mountain, La Jolla, Traditional Sale
78) Woodland Ct, San Marcos, First Time Homebuyer
79) Lupine Way, Oceanside, Traditional Buyer
80) Bonair, La Jolla, Investor Listing
81) Cameo, Oceanside, 2nd Homebuyer
82) Lago Lindo, Rancho Santa Fe, Luxury Lease
83) Harbor Cliff, Oceanside, Traditional Seller
84) Harbor Cliff, Oceanside, First Time Homebuyer
85) Thunderbird, La Jolla, Investor Listing
86) Gascony, Encinitas, Traditional Seller
87) Via de Fortuna, Rancho Santa Fe, Luxury Lease
88) Caneel Bay Ct, Oceanside, VA Relocation Buyer
89) Lyndon, Mission Hills, Traditional Buyer
90) Elm Ridge, Vista, Traditional Seller
91) Andy, Fire Mountain, Traditional Buyer
92) Downs, Fire Mountain, Traditional Seller
93) Soledad Mountain, La Jolla, Investor Listing
94) Fuerte St, Fire Mountain, Traditional Seller
95) Gird Rd, Fallbrook, Bank Owned, Investor Buyer
96) Augusta Ct, Poway, International Luxury Home Seller
97) La Costa, 2nd Homebuyer, Bank Owned
98) Old Coach, Poway, Luxury Home Buyer
99) Rancho Reposo, Del Mar, Luxury Home Seller
100) French Ct, Oceanside, Traditional Seller
101) Cameo, Oceanside, 2nd home seller
102) Los Alamos, Oceanside, 2nd home buyer
103) Paseo de Anza, Vista, Investor
104) Linea del Cielo, Rancho Santa Fe, Traditional Buyer
105) Yosemite, Big Bear, Investor Buyer Rental Portfolio
106) Finley Pl, Escondido, Out of State seller
107) Camino de las Lomas, Vista, Traditional Buyer
108) Gird Rd, Fallbrook, Investor Listing
109) Paseo de Anza, Vista, Investor Listing
110) Via Las Laderas, Murrieta, First Time Homebuyer
111) Los Alamos, Oceanside, Traditional Seller
112) Avenida Suenos, Oceanside, Traditional Seller
113) W Pennsylvania, Mission Hills, Traditional Seller, T
114) Corte Pulsera, Oceanside, Traditional Buyer
115) Foxtail Loop, Carlsbad, Traditional Buyer, T
116) Caneel Bay Ct, Oceanside, Traditional Seller
117) Caneel Bay Ct, Oceanside, Traditional Buyer
118) Camino Ancla, San Clemente, Investor Buyer, A
119) Shadetree Dr, San Marcos, Traditional Seller
120) Camino Sin Puente, Rancho Santa Fe, Traditional Buyer
121) Santa Rosa, Oceanside, Traditional Seller
122) Santa Rosa, Oceanside, Traditional Buyer
123) SOLD, 334 Ivy Ln, Fallbrook, Investor Buyer Rental Portfolio
124) RENTED, 24242 Santa Clara, Dana Point, Rental, A
125) SOLD, 3542 Paseo de los Americanos 139, Oceanside, Traditional Buyer
126) SOLD,Trabuco Rd, Lake Forest, First Time Homebuyer, A
127) RENTED, 94 Lakepines, Irvine, Rental, A
128) SOLD, 3458 Royal Rd, Vista, Traditional Buyer
129) SOLD, 11205 Carmel Creek Rd, Carmel Valley, Traditional Seller, T
130) SOLD, 5328 Newcastle Ave #58, Encino, International Buyer
131) SOLD, Corte Spagna, Bridges, Rancho Santa Fe, Traditional Seller, AC
132) SOLD, Harvard, Oceanside, First Time Homebuyer
133) RENTED, 5225 La Crescenta, Rancho Santa Fe, Landlord
134) RENTED, 5225 La Crescenta, Rancho Santa Fe, Tenant
135) SOLD, 705 Los Arbolitos Blvd, Oceanside, Traditional Seller
136) RENTED, Silverbrush Creek St, Carmel Valley, Rental, AC
137) SOLD, 2047 Janet Circle, Oceanside, Traditional Seller
138) SOLD, 3225 Mary Ln, Escondido, Investor Seller
139) SOLD, 1340 Darwin, Oceanside, Traditional Seller
140) SOLD, 1151 Evergreen, Vista, Traditional Buyer
141) SOLD, 156 Fallsview L, Oceanside, Traditional Buyer 55+
142) SOLD, 5759 Loma Verde Dr, Rancho Santa Fe, Traditional Seller
143) SOLD, 1019 Costa Pacifica #1301, Oceanside, International Seller
144) SOLD, 3110 Sello Ln #65, Carlsbad, Traditional Seller
145) SOLD, 4058 Avenida Brisa, Rancho Santa Fe, Traditional Buyer, K
146) SOLD, 948 Lupine Hills 107, Vista, First Time Homebuyer
147) SOLD, 2236 N Victoria, Palm Springs, Traditional Buyer
148) SOLD, 1572 Laurel, Shadowridge, Vista, First Time Homebuyer
149) RENTED, 6411 Via Naranjal, Rancho Santa Fe, Traditional Seller
150) SOLD, 4643 Rancho Sierra Bend, Rancho Pacifica, Carmel Valley
151) RENTED, 805 Harbor Cliff Way #214, Oceanside
152) SOLD, 2048 Glasgow Ave, Cardiff by the Sea, Traditional Seller K
153) SOLD, 552 Canyon Dr #16, Oceanside, Investor Seller
154) RENTED, 3796 Modena Pl, Carmel Valley, Traditional Seller
155) SOLD, 1825 Corte Pulsera, Oceanside, Traditional Seller
156) SOLD, 42825 Jolle Ct, Temecula, Traditional Buyer
157) SOLD, 2875-2877 E St, San Diego, Investor Buyer AC
158) SOLD, 552 Canyon #15, Oceanside, Traditional Seller
159) SOLD, 552 Canyon #15, Oceanside, Traditional Buyer
160) SOLD, 2474 Vista Valley Ln, Vista, Traditional Seller K
161) SOLD, 2474 Vista Valley Ln, Vista, Traditional Buyer K
162) SOLD, 6630 Via Madera, Carmel Valley, Traditional Buyer AC
163) SOLD, 97 Calle Sol, San Clemente, Traditional Seller A
164) SOLD, 29150 Laurel Valley, Vista, Traditional Buyer K
165) SOLD, 796 Clark, Encinitas, Traditional Seller K
166) SOLD, 944 Woodcreek, Fallbrook, First Time Homebuyer
167) RENTED, 5225 La Crescenta, Rancho Santa Fe, Landlord
168) SOLD, 5118 Delaney, Carlsbad, Traditional Buyer K
169) RENTED, 35501 Camino Capistrano, Dana Point, Traditional Seller K
170) SOLD, 1524 Halia Ct, Encinitas, Traditional Buyer
171) SOLD, 900 Seacliff Way #907, Oceanside, Traditional Seller
172) SOLD, 1140 Civic Center #A21, Oceanside, Traditional Buyer
173) SOLD, 7512 Viejo Castilla #16, Carlsbad, Traditional Seller 
174) SOLD, 5031 Genesee Ave, San Diego, Traditional Seller
175) SOLD, 4103 Asher St, #D1, San Diego, Traditional Seller
176) SOLD, 4103 Asher St, #D1, San Diego, First Time Home Buyer
177) RENTED, 1183 Saxony, Encinitas, Renter
178) SOLD, 3566 Evening Canyon, Oceanside, Traditional Seller M
179) SOLD, 413 Helix Way, Oceanside, Traditional Buyer K
180) SOLD, 815 Harbor Cliff Way #238, Oceanside, Traditional Seller M
181) SOLD, 35501 Camino Capistrano, Dana Point, Traditional Seller K
182) SOLD, 45888 Bristlecone Ct, Temecula, Traditional Home Buyer M
183) SOLD, 805 Harbor Cliff Way #214, Oceanside, Investor Seller K
184) SOLD, 29106 Laurel Valley, Vista, Traditional Seller K
185) SOLD, 552 Canyon Dr 15, Oceanside, Investor Seller O
186) SOLD, 1572 Laurel Cir, Vista, Traditional Seller M
187) ACTIVE, 18130 Old Coach Dr, Poway, International Seller O
188) PENDING, 2425 Cranston Dr #232, Escondido, First Time Home Buyer M
189) JUST LISTED, 948 Lupine Hills Dr #103, Vista, Investor Seller M