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2017-10-17 12:59:01
10 Reasons to Hire The INDRA Real Estate Group

Let Us Go To Work For You!

10 Reasons to Hire The INDRA Real Estate GroupLet Us Go To Work For You! 10 Reasons to Hire The INDRA Real Estate Group

These days a lot of real estate agents are working part time and are not too serious about their profession. Sure, every agent can be #1 in SOMETHING, (even if it is attendance at company meetings, or amounts of mailers sent to certain neighborhoods) but WHAT exactly sets apart the exceptional agents who are working hard for their clients around the clock? What is it about those agents who are so excited about their jobs, every time they turn around they are closing deals?!

These top agents truly care. We at the INDRA Real Estate Group, strive to keep each of our client’s best interests in mind. One agent may seem to “dominate” your area, when in reality, that agent may have a lot of homes listed for sale, and can only promote and SELL a few each year. On the buying side, it may seem like your offer with another agent gets looked over and you keep “losing” out on your dream home, but with the INDRA Real Estate Group, we prepare clients to be winners with a strategic process from the beginning, in order to end up living in the home they truly wanted all along. The average agent in San Diego closed less than 2 deals last year, while team INDRA was busy closing 20+!
There are many reasons to hire an agent, each reason specific to you and how you value one of the biggest transactions you will possibly ever make, so we will give you the top 10 reasons we feel you should choose the INDRA Real Estate Group:

1. Education & Experience
Do you feel like working with your “Realtor friend” leaves you with a lot of questions you sometimes have to answer on your own? Not with the INDRA Group. We have 6 team members who constantly study the market and are available to answer your most specific questions at any point throughout the process. Don’t be left feeling overwhelmed with the amount of details you need to be aware of in a sale. Let us help guide you through the process with our education and experience.

2. Neighborhood Knowledge 
Ever stop by an open house, and the agent isn’t even sure which school is nearby? Leaves you with a confusing lack of confidence in their ability to market that home effectively. Many agents list any home that a client wants sold, and ends up taking the advice of the client every step along the way. This is a sign of an agent who does not know the neighborhood well. The INDRA Group studies each hyper local marketplace before listing your home for sale, so you can have complete confidence knowing that we have the knowledge to market your home to locals who know every nearby restaurant, school, and recent home sale, all the way up to international clients who have never visited California.   

3. Professional Networking
The INDRA Group attends specific meetings each week with other top Realtors in San Diego, to discuss future homes coming to the market and even off-market deals. If you’re looking for a home that you know will pop up and be sold within days, we are your team! We will have insight into upcoming deals and can often prepare you as a client to be the perfect buyer for that home, and possibly even have an offer into the seller the minute the home comes on the market! 

4. Handling Volumes of Paperwork
Real estate transactions are complicated! Between title, escrow, home insurance, listing agent, selling agent, brokerages, and more, there are so many people asking you to look over paperwork in your “spare time.” Like many other areas of life, when you’re handed a huge stack of paperwork, you start feeling overwhelmed. Not with the INDRA Group! We go through every single question and detail with you (after we have read everything thoroughly ourselves first) so that the transaction will run smoothly and you won’t be caught off guard later with something in the contract that you thought was not a big deal. 

5. Develop Relationships for Future Business
At the INDRA Group, we work by referral, which means we do not have to spend the majority of our time knocking on doors and handing out flyers to get new business. Instead, we work with clients that come highly referred to us by current or past clients, and we focus our time and attention 100% on them.

6. Agents are Buffers
Have you ever worked with an agent to sell your home, only to have their contract expire, with no buyers with offers at your doorstep? The day after your home comes off the market, you probably receive about 40+ phone calls, emails and texts from other agents wanting a chance to help sell your home. Ever listed your home for sale on Zillow “just to see”?! You probably received 30+ phone calls from unqualified buyers with rogue questions you have to take time and effort to research and answer. With the INDRA Group, you can say goodbye to spam headaches, and know that we screen each buyer to make sure they are qualified, and we work hard to get offers at your doorstep, and a buyer into your home so that you can move on. Our team actually LOVES dealing with masses of emails, and sifting through them to find potential buyers. Don’t let the spam overwhelm you!

7. Price Guidance
Most people believe that Realtors choose a price for your home to sell. While Realtors do ultimately enter the price and information into s, we do not choose the price of your home. We work with you to compare similar homes in your neighborhood, the amount of days those homes have been on the market, and the price those homes SOLD for. (Not the price they listed the home for.) We have been using this specific pricing strategy for 8+ years now with significant success. Let us show you what the market value of your home is based on actual recent sales, as well as features and upgrades. Our team looks at homes for sale every single week in person, so chances are, we have been inside many of the homes that have sold recently and can explain in more detail why that home may have sold for more (or less) than expected. 

8. Market Conditions Info
Have you ever been close to putting an offer in on a home, but hesitated because you weren’t sure if other buyers had offered more, or less? With the INDRA Real Estate Group, you can be sure you know exactly how the market conditions are when submitting your offer, and you will be informed of every detail along the way!

9. Negotiation Skills & Confidentiality
Many agents love to pull you into buying a home that they have listed because they “have intimate knowledge of the home that can help you” when in reality, this agent is now working on both sides of the deal, which can sometimes benefit you, and often times results in poor negotiation on your side. At the INDRA Group, we represent our clients completely, and we have YOUR best interests in mind. We love helping buyers and sellers through this emotional process, and we keep YOU in mind the entire time when negotiating. 

10. Answer Questions After Closing
Its 30 days after you’ve moved into your new home, and you cannot remember how to turn the patio light on, how to lock the garage door or turn on the dishwasher. Don’t fret, the INDRA Group is here to help! No matter what the question is, or if you need a referral for a CPA, painter, interior design, etc. we have you handled, from before the sale until the end of time! We are your dedicated Realtors.

We pride ourselves at the INDRA Real Estate Group on providing the best service to our clients, marketing their homes effectively and getting deals DONE. We love happy clients and always appreciate referrals. If you’re thinking about selling your home, please do not hesitate to call us. We are happy to give you specific answers about your neighborhood, market, and home pricing strategy! 

--  Amanda 

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