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2017-10-26 08:47:30
Whoo Hoo yesterday's Business mixer at Nick & G's was a HOT ONE! San Diego is experiencing a heat wave...and so is our professional business mixer held quarterly. Thank you everyone who attended. There were so many new faces! 
Networking is working! We heard that some great connections were made and so I asked Ryan and Joel to share their networking experience: 

“Thank you Melia and Oliver for hosting a very successful business mixer that resulted in revenue for myself and Sunrun solar. I was introduced to Joel Hansen from American Portfolio Mortgage by Oliver and Joel was in the market for solar for his new home. We scheduled an appointment for the following week to review his options and picked the best plan. Joel is getting his solar installed November 6th! Thank you Melia and Oliver!” - Ryan 


'Hi Melia,
Thank you for the invite to your 2nd Indra networking event and sorry I couldn’t attend yesterday.
I do want to share with your team that I met  with Ryan from SunRun from your first networking event to get a solar quote for my house. I shopped around for a good solar company for over a year and after meeting with Ryan, I decided to give him my business. Ryan was very knowledgeable and honest……..I would highly recommend him to any of your clients.
As a result, Ryan and I have started networking together and he is also recommending me to his clients for additional financing options to have solar installed on their homes. Ryan was able to save me $200 to $300 per month by adding solar!' - Joel

Once a quarter our Team, The INDRA Group hosts a business mixer for all industries. We are networking to build referral relationships and connecting professionals in San Diego.
Send us message if you'd like to be added to our networking invite list. 


For those who couldn't make it this time - no worries - we'll keep you on the list.  

Planning our next mixer February 2018. In the meantime, let's meet up for coffee or you can into our office if you're in the area. 


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