The Henie Hills community is smaller community made up 5 different sections with approximately 200 homes. Located in south Oceanside, off Hwy 78, just between Fire Mountain and Rancho Del Oro, Henie Hills is set among a golf course community of El Camino Country Club. The history dates back to the 1930's when historic Olympic skater Sonja Henie purchased 1,600 acres which is now know as Henie Hills. 

Homes in the community are generally built around the 1970's, however many have been remodeled and updated throughout the years. The size of the lots are usually about .5 acre, giving each home a nice sized yard and privacy from other neighbors. As you drive through the streets you'll enjoy the mature trees and landscaping, and the characters of the homes. Streets such as Ocean View St, for example,  - offers the best views of the ocean in Henie Hills. Other homes have nice views of the canyons and vistas. 
There is an HOA in Henie Hills and the cost is roughly $20 per month to maintain the medians. The El Camino Country Club is a favorite among residents, members of this club may use the Golf Course, Pools, Club House, and Tennis Courts. 
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